13 June 2019 , metalexpert.com

Trade in energy coal in the Kemerovo region is minimal

The pace of trade in energy coal in the Kemerovo region has reached a minimum as a result of seasonally low consumption of thermal energy, reduced demand for electricity in the industrial sector and lower consumption of coal in certain industries under quarantine. Quotes of most brands in may remained at the level of the previous month. Mark PD was offered at 833-1750 RUB/t, FCA Kuzbass (hereinafter excluding VAT), a brand of WPC for 1333-2500 RUB/t, FCA, mark Tr – at 1583-2583 RUB/t, FCA, TPK – in 3083-3750 RUB/t, FCA, sspk – on 2500-3625 Euro/t FCA. We expect a change in the price situation not earlier than the middle of the third quarter, with the beginning of active preparation for the heating season.
Municipal enterprises of the Kemerovo region in may planned to purchase 20 thousand tons of coal (30 thousand tons a month earlier). To date, almost all volumes have been reserved. Most of the contracts involve shipments before the end of the year. The prices of contracts for ordinary long-flame coal were 1170-1375 rubles/t (here and further with delivery to the consumer). A contract was also signed for the Tr brand with the “Kiyzassky” section at 1105 rubles/t.